About Us

Europe Technologies SA, created in 1996, is a company specialised in the design and sale of ARM®-based systems-on-chip (SoC).

Europe Technologies offers to its customers the easySoC® methodology, a revolutionnary approach to SoC design, which allows them to:

  • – Dramatically shorten (by up to 50% vs. major competitors) development cycle time by providing pre-silicon full chip proto-typing.
  • – Easily develop their software by offering a set of validated drivers and O.S. embedded within the emulation platform.
  • – Obtain right-the-first-time silicon.
  • – Secure their chip supply through easy second-sourcing.

Europe Technologies, the creator of the Fast Configurable Microchip (FCM®) platform, allows its customers to concurrently develop hardware and software via real-time multiprocessors SoC emulation capability and associated application software.

Europe Technologies solutions thus offer their users the shortest possible time-to-market and payback thanks to a reduced design cycle-time associated with a real security of supply.